Our Story

The Finnish accessory and beauty care brand Ibero has brightened up the day for an impressive 71 years. It all began in 1951, when Ibero’s founder and father, Olavi A. Rautio was fascinated by local jewellery while studying in Spain and decided to import the fashion jewellery culture to Finland in his suitcase. Since then, beauty care products, spectacles and sunglasses have taken their place alongside jewellery in the company’s range, but the original principles continue to hold true today.

Ibero exists so that everyone would have the opportunity to accessorise their daily lives in a high-quality and purse-friendly manner. We strive to make choices that are as kind to nature as possible: in the future, we will increasingly favour sustainable and renewable raw materials and keep our packaging material volumes to a minimum.

That is to say, we believe that feeling good is the best accessory. Achieving the perfect look is not essential – instead, it is all about that special feeling you get when you put on your favourite pair of earrings or add a dab of blush. That is why we want to encourage you to find your own feel-good accessories and, every once in a while, let your hair down.


Throughout the company’s 70-year history, Ibero has always wanted to look forward, so accountability is a priority to us.

Maintaining a high quality of products is close to our hearts. All our products are CE marked and meet both Finnish and EU requirements in terms of safety and materials. We only use carefully selected amfori BSCI audited suppliers; in other words, our manufacturing partners are regularly monitored by third-party auditing.

We are constantly using and looking for more responsible materials, such as bamboo and recycled materials, as well as materials that are easier to recycle. We also invest in our packaging and, for example, work continuously to reduce the amount of plastic used in it. We hope to inspire our customers to make choices that are kind to nature, and that’s why our range of ecological products is constantly growing.


Expressing yourself through your hair is easy, as is changing your style in an instant. The Ibero collection has all you need to tame those tangles, build a salon in your own home, complete the most elaborate hairdos and accessorise any hairstyle. So, if you find yourself in need of a hairbrush, comb, hair cutting scissors, hairpins, scrunchies or hairbands, take a peek at our shelf.

Beauty care

Beauty care is all about having fun, let’s forget about looking tiptop. The Ibero beauty tool collection includes all you need when you want to learn how to make up or play with some new make up styles. Ibero is also your trusted skin care and home manicure partner and the supplier of those brushes and sponges that transform your bathroom into a relaxing home spa.


Jewellery is particularly close to our hearts, as Ibero’s story began 70 years ago when our founder, Olavi A. Rautio, travelled to Spain on a cargo ship and passed his time by browsing through some fashion magazines he had incidentally found in his cabin. Small fashion jewellery on the pages of the magazines caught Olavi’s attention. He ended up working at a jewellery factory in Spain and eventually imported the fashion jewellery industry to Finland in his suitcase.


Ibero’s children’s collection includes items for playing hairdresser, lovely treasures suitable for any princess as well as jewellery and accessories for topping off partywear. We also have sunglasses that protect the eyes of little ones and are sure to delight the style icons of the future. Many of our children’s products have been inspired by adult trends, among which we have picked those that are also suitable for children, without overlooking those adorable unicorns and pink dreams.


The Ibero sunglass range includes shades for those looking for something trendy, those only interested in protecting their eyes and even the youngest, most sensitive eyes in the family. Although sunglasses are a spectacular accessory, their original function of protecting your eyes from UV radiation remains the most important one. Ibero sunglasses meet the European protection criteria and filter out all UVA and UVB radiation.


Reading Spectacles

Ibero’s collection includes reading spectacles for those looking to facilitate reading as well as those who wear spectacles more as an accessory. Our lens strengths vary between +0.5 and +3.5 dioptres, so we cater to various visual needs. It is incredibly easy to affect your style and mood by simply changing your spectacles. So let’s be brave and experiment with different spectacles.


Consumer service:

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